Mise en relation d'affaires sécurisée

Dedicated Perspectives for Web Franchisors

At the most integrated level of services and guarantees (referred to as "Planet+Ultra®"), the stakes in terms of societal responsibilities and accountability are those of conceptually web-sustained master-franchising: each member - by definition a duly master-franchised contributor - is an associate partner (i.e. a shareholder) in its own right of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master-franchising web system of the same name, entitled to master-franchise new members through the web franchised sub-network of which it is the rightful owner.
At this level of "conceptual dedication", franchised partners meet as "insiders" through the system’s internal network forums, while integrated accesses from one master-franchised sub-network to another are entirely "internalized", i.e. invisible from outside.
Access to this dematerialized ISO-sphere will be provided through the CMS-enabled web portal of affiliation to the Master-secured full-scale production area, of which my Dashfolio (2013+), Metafolio (2014), and Hubfolio (2017) modules provide overviews in the form of both software- and CMS-based web construction panels (designed with RapidWeaver and WordPress.org respectively).

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