Mise en relation d'affaires sécurisée

Welcome Aboard

…this "supershuttle", for a final ride through the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master-franchising concept demonstration grid covering all dimensions of societal development research. This 41st app-enabled web construction panel is conceived of as a full-fledged "interface module", designed to facilitate the conceptual redeployment of my entire web construction site from the publication phase inaugurated in early 2013, which is coming to an end with RapidWeaver 8 for macOS High Sierra (v10.13.6) and Catalina (v10.15.7), to the production phase, which will resume shortly under macOS Ventura (v13) with RapidWeaver Classic and/or Elements.
As the background image of the Cookies page suggests, this final consolidation will allow you to reconsider the problem of securing network interfaces between web-sustained but no less sovereign master-franchising perimeters, which correspond here to as many levels of guarantees pertaining to the provision of web services under development. All these network layers can be reviewed in each of the sections of the present module (Planet+, Extranet+, Intranet+, Externet+ and Internet+), preferably starting with the summary of the sidebar overviews.
This specifications-focused sub-domain is named "Formfolio" (literally: portfolio of web forms) to reflect the fact that a network interface in the sense illustrated here marks the transition between two development states or virtual spaces, that this often critical threshold (in terms of the securement of related data) can only be safely crossed through an update of the declarative options to be selected in order to activate or access the corresponding network service(s), and that the only way to make this type of transition intelligible, in the case of a proof of concept such as this one, is to use a web form creation tool.
Those of you who have subscribed to my annual Dashfolio and/or to my RSS-enabled catch-up feeds already know these web forms, which I am re-using each year after revision to support my status updates pertaining to the conceptual integration - into a web-sustained master-franchising solution - of all features that are still missing (as corresponding lines of code) under the hood of our computers to ensure that our numerous login credentials will ultimately become genuine franchise-sustained sesames, provided to guarantee the fluidity of perfectly secure exchanges at all levels and in all corners of the system.
The present Formfolio is therefore intended to unify, into a consolidated version using Yabdab's "FormSnap" stack, all intermediate iterations of the contact forms in development since 2018 with the "FormLoom" plugin from the same developer, not only to facilitate my ongoing diagnostic work towards continuous improvement, but also, and more importantly, to keep the many conceptual building blocks of my recommended "Base+" configuration up to date. This means, among other things, that the three contact pages of my annual Dashfolio will now redirect to the corresponding web forms of the present final specifications module, until my concept demonstration path is completely renewed into a second-generation version thereof (during the upcoming production phase).
For each guarantee level, each of the corresponding pages attached to one of the language sections of the present module therefore provides a conceptual debriefing:

  1. of what to expect in terms of integrated web services master-certified as operational,

  2. of what should be in comparison with the existing state of things,

  3. of what such an accumulation of structural pitfalls compels me to provide the proof-of-concept demonstration using third-party extensions, i.e. largely downstream of what is missing upstream of the value chain underlying the web-sustained production of contents,

…all in the form of pre-registration (Extranet+), feedback (Intranet+) and contact (Externet+) webforms which are perfectly functional in "Sandbox" mode, i.e. for me as the first user of everything I develop as the web program manager (and founding manager in the making) of NetPlusUltra®.
The Changeblog section provides an iFrame-enabled retro-prospective overview of all web pages published since 2013 which directly or indirectly address such network interfacing issues in the broadest sense, according to a conceptually integrative rationale that aims at master-franchising the entire World Wide Web, considering that all access issues materialize at the "glocal" level into all the shortcomings that will inevitably continue to fail our web-enabled content production tools, and thus our digital economies, for as long as the "Next Generation ISO-sphere of Planet+Ultra®", of which I (really) am the founder, is not a fully operational entity: not only prototypically constituted and master-certified, but also compliantly funded.
All "glocal" objectives pertaining to conceptually certified master-integration will be deemed achievable as soon as I am in the position:

  1. in the very short term (i.e. by the end of February 2023 at the latest), to confirm - on my Dashfolio 2022 or 2023 - the inauguration of my web-sustained master-production site;

  2. in the medium term (i.e. within three years from the said inauguration), to confirm - through the website-based frontend interface of my web construction site - that the master-franchising concept solution which was pending completion is ready to be master-certified in real conditions;

  3. in the long term (i.e. after the said mastered-certification phase), to launch operational web services at all levels, and to publish the related meta-deployment agenda.

Until then, the present module of conceptual specifications will serve as the first-generation (2013-2022) reference framework for this type of systemic issues and special cases.