Mise en relation d'affaires sécurisée

Recommended "Base+" Configuration for MacOS

Version 3.3/2024
All these preliminary precautions which had to be (re)considered as of 2013, in the form of a matrix-enabled restitution of the initial (Windows XP-enabled) feasibility audit to be carried out as part of the web-sustained publication of a (macOS-enabled) proof-of-concept demonstration, can be explained by the need to secure - in full conceptual transparency - all the hardware and software components of the client-server architecture to be conceptualized with a view to the production of the Codex+Ultra® of reference without which such a web concept solution would not be one, considering that "NetPlusUltra®", as the name indicates, refers to the "Master (model)" of sustainable web franchising in all fields of research in societal development.