Mise en relation d'affaires sécurisée

Multi-OS Perspectives for Web Consumers

At the "Base+" level of services and guarantees (referred to as "Externet+Ultra®"), the issues at stake with regard to the creation of a web-sustainable business portfolio are those of the long-term securement of the personal and socio-professional data of any holder of a capitalization license, i.e. of any master-franchised user.
Access of the general public to the multi-OS-enabled "Externet+" networks of the web-sustained master-franchising system of Planet+Ultra® will be provided through a master-franchisable supplier of professional telecom services (such as "OVH Télécom" in France).

Target Group

This first contact point remains reserved for those of my personal contacts (family, friends, acquaintances) who might need to update their address book time and again, without being affiliated to my franchising system or even willing to join it. The field numbering corresponds to the successive steps of my Testfolio Omega. Please use it to get back in touch.

Update Form

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
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On Planet+Ultra®, the child’s Unified Conceptual Declaration is created and managed by the parents, and progressively transmitted to the school student as part of its education (source: https://rightsfolio.daniela-berndt.foundation).

Each of my webpages includes a redirection to my confidentiality agreement, which summarizes these Terms of Use.

The subscriber’s identity will be authenticated upon registration.

This user ID will have to be provided by your master-franchised Internet Service Provider (ISP).

This update form authorizes only SSL-encrypted web addresses.

Required for the purpose of facial recognition (among other possible R&D uses).

Contact ID used for video calling and instant messaging.

This field serves to confirm a specific use pertaining to the purpose of this update form.

Since the present update form is covered by the same general and specific ToU as my other contact points, please DO NOT use it to send me unsolicited advertising messages.


Please enter the displayed characters or generate new ones.


Legal Value

Considering that my specifications-focused web forms are legitimately legal and binding, since the purpose thereof is to enshrine the technical and legal terms of the "NetPlusUltra®-sustained Master-Franchising Solution for Societal R&D" under construction, all email addresses associated with these web forms are SSL-encrypted.
If the received web form is compliant with the purpose of the underlying access point, an email-based acknowledgement of receipt containing a copy of the transmitted data is sent to the sender. Form fields whose content is incomplete, improperly formatted, or disrespectful of the web form's purpose, automatically invalidate the entire email and forward the latter to the trash folder.

Use of the Data

As progress indicators pertaining to my web-enabled master franchising program, none of the web form-enabled specifications published under my author domain name "daniela-berndt" (which covers the liabilities of reference pertaining to the production costs of the web franchising solution to be deployed) are meant to be fed into MySQL databases. The shorter the web form, the better the web service is integrated "under the hood", i.e. brought to the user through the NetPlusUltra®-secured "Open Sesame Identifier" drawing a conceptual separation line between content and form.
These web forms are essentially designed to secure my access points, against the background of permanent auditing operations, such as the update of existing information (Contact form), or the integration of prospective franchisees and potential sponsoring partners into my address book (Feedback and Affiliation forms).